The DYNA-MIG welding department utilizes several technologies to fuse metal stampings, nuts, studs and pipe in the manufacturing of automotive suspension and body assemblies.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding and Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) are extensively used in our facility. We also use Resistance Projection Welding (RPW) and Pulse welding (GMAW) for some applications.

These welding technologies coupled with flexible lines and the use of robotics in the welding process ensure repeatability and accuracy to meet or exceed Customer standards and demands. DYNA-MIG’s flexible lines allows us to respond to various customer needs, which differ according to product specifications, production volume, and welding volume. The use of robotics is also extended to material handling for efficiency and ergonomic safety.

DYNA-MIG Welding Capabilities2
Welding DYNA-MIG
Post Pierce

DYNA-MIG employs high precision piercing units to accurately locate critical dimensional points. Pierce units use hydraulics and air to form lances and pierce slots or holes. We are actively taking on the challenge of developing in-line verification systems using robot guided high precision cameras that meet the customer’s requirements for tight tolerances and provide 100% in-line inspection for dimensional accuracy.

Welding DYNA-MIG Capabilities
Welding DYNA-MIG Capabilities

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Model Development

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