Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Quality Test Lab of DYNA-MIG, A Division of F&P Mfg., Inc. is able to provide process validation from development stages right through to mass production. These capabilities include but are not limited to:

DYNA-MIG Polyrix


DYNA-MIG utilizes a unique cutting edge system designed by POLYRIX that innovatively measures complex products using 3D scanners and a Multi-sensor 3D measurement system that provides precise results in the fastest, safest and simplest way. By using its fully integrated High-Definition Projector it will directly project a color map onto the part to show any deviation from 3D Math data.

(CMM) Coordinate Measuring Machine DYNA-MIG3

(CMM) Coordinate Measuring Machine

DYNA-MIG is equipped with 2 high accuracy CMM machines that have been updated to the latest PCDmis software. Our CMM Specialists are trained to operate and provide product dimensional accuracy via manual operation or fully automated programming.  This allows our team members to measure complex GD&T requirements fast and with accuracy.

Macro Testing DYNA-MIG2

Macro Testing

Macro testing allows us to qualify the geometry and general condition of the GMAW (MIG welding). Our technicians look for weld penetration, leg and throat as well as conditions such as porosity, under cut etc.

(CCT) Cyclical Corrosion Test DYNA-MIG

(CCT) Cyclical Corrosion Test

Our fully programmable CCT machine subjects the part to various conditions such as climate and saline solutions to simulate real-world corrosion failures at an accelerated rate. This test allows us to test the effectiveness of Electrostatic coatings on our products.

DYNA-MIG Instron 2


The Instron subjects the part to various stresses in order to measure tension and compression conditions.


Faro Arm

Our mobile 3D laser measurement technology is used to evaluate the dimensional condition of the product.  The Faro Arm is also used to measure production equipment such as welding jigs.

DYNA-MIG Shadow Graphs and Keyence System

Shadow Graphs and Keyence Vision System

The Shadow Graph and Keyence System allow us to evaluate profiles on small parts such as radius, line, angle, circles etc.

We take pride in producing product at a high level of quality to meet or exceed our Customer standards and targets as well as working to continuously improve for the future.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Model Development DYNA-MIG

Model Development

DYNA-MIG Quality-Assurance

Quality Assurance

Welding Capabilities


DYNA-MIG Painting2


DYNA-MIG Assembly


Cold Forging Capabilities

Cold Forging